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1991 Ten Dollar Piedfort Proof Jabiru

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1991 Ten Dollar Piedfort Proof Jabiru

A hefty silver commemorative from a popular series.

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1991 Ten Dollar Piedfort Proof Jabiru

A hefty silver commemorative from a popular series.

In 1989, the RAM began a highly popular coin series celebrating Australia's unique native bird life. Not only were these attractive and superbly presented coins popular with collectors in Australia, they were in huge demand overseas also.

The birds featured in this series are: 1989 - Kookaburra; 1990 - White Cockatoo; 1991 - Jabiru; 1992 - Emperor Penguin; 1993 - Palm Cockatoo; 1994 - Wedge Tailed Eagle.

The RAM added a completely new twist to the coins in this series - it released a tiny number of coins in a slightly different format - they had a planchet that was twice as thick as the standard coins, and these are called piedforts.

Although these coins are reasonably easy to get now, some of the early dates in the series were commanding significant premiums on the secondary market in the early 90's - just check out a few old Coin Review magazines from that period for the evidence! Some of the piedforts were selling for well over $100 apiece.