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2000 Gold Bimetal Twenty Dollar Proof Coin Millennium

2000 Gold Bimetal Twenty Dollar Proof Coin Millennium

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A superb bi-metallic commemorative, marking the start of the 21st century.

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1999 Gold Bi-Metal $20 Coin - Perth Mint Proof Gold Sovereign (0.2354 ozt AGW)

2000 Gold Bi-Metal $20 Coin - Dawn of the New Millennium (0.3050 ozt AGW)

2001 Gold Bi-Metal Twenty Dollar Proof Coin Gregorian Calendar (0.3100 ozt AGW)

2001 Gold Bi-Metal $20 Coin - Centenary of Federation Floral Emblem (0.2850 ozt AGW)

Total Actual Gold Weight of all 4 Coins = 1.1354 ozt

A superb set of the four bi-metallic precious metal coins struck by Perth Mint to mark the dawn of the new millennium.

This set contains the following four coins:

1999 Gold Bi-Metal $20 Coin - Perth Mint Proof Gold Soveriegn

The Perth Mint opened for operations on June 20th, 1899, and has been in continuous operation since then. This superb coin features a 22ct gold core that has the exact same specifications as the Imperial sovereigns struck at the Perth Mint between 1899 and 1931, and is housed within a pure silver surround. We'll leave you to be the judge of whether the strike quality is up to the standard of the originals...

2000 Gold Bi-Metal $20 Coin - Dawn of the New Millennium

The switch to the 3rd millennium was a major event right around the world, not least because of the scare over the impact the change of calendar may have on the world's computers. The reverse of this coin shows the dawn highlighting the New Zealand city of Gisborne - the first city in the world to see the first light of the new millennium.

2001 Gold Bi-Metal $20 Coin - Gregorian Calendar

The Gregorian calendar is the most widely used calendar in the world today. It is a reform of the Julian calendar, decreed by Pope Gregory XIII (after whom it was named), on 24 February 1582. With a 99.99% pure gold border, the reverse design of this coin looks something like a watch, in recognition of the modern time keeping methods. Made from 99.9% silver, the central design of the coin features an observatory and the night sky highlighted in colour. Representing the planets orbit around the sun, which takes one year, there are three depictions of the Earth in different positions.

2001 Gold Bi-Metal $20 Coin - Centenary of Federation Floral Emblem

Demand for memorabilia was in a boom period leading up to the and during the Centenary of Federation, coins were particularly popular as they were officially produced by the Australian government. This bi-metal coin released by the Perth Mint was easily the most exclusive coin in the Centenary of Federation series - beautifully presented, made of precious metal and with a tiny mintage.

The maximum mintage for this set was 500 - this set remains in the original case and with its certificate of authenticity - all remain in as issued condition.