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An honest batch of 50 Australian silver 50¢ coins made of 80% silver.

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Bag Of 50 Australian 1966 Round 50¢ Aussie Junk Silver.

ASW = 531.20g / 17.07ozt

An honest batch of 50 Australian silver 50¢ coins made of 80% silver.

Several popular investment newsletter writers recommend that investors buy silver bars and “junk silver coins” as a hedge against economic & monetary uncertainty.

Buying kilo bars of silver in Australia is easy enough – you just need to get in touch with the Perth Mint or the bullion dealer in your local Yellow Pages to get as many as you want.

But many Australians have no idea what “junk silver coins” are, whether we have them in Australia and where can buy them.

“Junk silver coins” is a term used in North America to refer to bulk quantities of silver coins that were actually used as legal tender in the US prior to 1965, and are now traded in bulk for their silver value.

The “junk” part of the name refers to the fact that these coins don't have any numismatic or collector value.

US dimes; quarters; dollars and half dollars struck before 1965 have a 90% pure silver content – many investors prefer buying silver this way because it's in a form that they know and trust.

We've obviously never used dimes or quarters here in Australia – so what did we have?

There are 3 basic types of “junk” silver coins here in Australia. This listing is for a bag of round silver 50¢ from 1966.

Rounds. This term refers to the round Australian 50¢ piece struck (only) during 1966.

Australian round 50¢ coins are generally sold in small plastic bank change bags containing 50 coins per bag.

Each coin weighs 13.28g, which means that each bag contains 531.20g in pure silver.

They should not be confused with the round 50¢ coins from New Zealand, which feature a ship on the reverse, and definitely don't have any silver in them at all.

Just which type of “junk silver” coins you buy will depend entirely on your own personal preferences – just which you buy is entirely up to you – keep in mind that the best portfolio / holding of junk silver coins contains a wide range of coins, and not just one type.

Some folks prefer the round 50¢ coins because they are all uniform in size and are pretty simple to calculate.