eBay.com Looking to Eradicate Counterfeit Coins from It's Site

A recent press release from the Professional Numismatists Guild and eBay states that a policy decision has been made "to remove replica coin listings from eBay.com. Effective February 20, 2012, new replica listings and replica re-listings will be disallowed."Camel

I reckon this is fantastic news - there's been a huge number of counterfeits on eBay's Australia site for some time now, and it'd be great if the same change is implemented in Australia.

Those of you that have been visiting our site for some time will remember the article I wrote some time ago about the prolific numbers of cheap Chinese counterfeits on eBay.

Those of you that attended one of the seminars on this subject at an ANDA trade show throughout 2011 will remember the admittedly lame camel joke (no pun intended) I threw in to lighten proceedings...

I've made some initial enquiries with eBay's Trust & Safety Department and hope that ANDA can play a similar role to PNG in supporting eBay in having this change implemented in Australia also.

I'll keep you posted with our progress - if you'd like to pass your opinion on to eBay's senior staff, post a comment below this article and I'll ensure that they get an opportunity to read it - they are interested in getting an idea of what support (or lack thereof) there is for this initiative.

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