Rare Silver Coins Recovered From Australian Shipwrecks - Certified Genuine

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Many ships have sunk off Australia's dangerous coastline but only 4 historic Australian shipwrecks have had coins recovered from them that are available for collectors to legally own.

We are one of the most active dealers in the country in this area, and have deep expertise in the background to the coins recovered from each wreck.

Each and every single coin we offer has been certified as genuine by the Australian Commonwealth Government.

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Our Introductory Guides to Australian Shipwreck Coins

If you like the idea of owning a genuine coin recovered from a historic Australian shipwreck and would like to learn more about them, our staff have written a number of detailed articles on the many different kinds of shipwrecks coins that we handle.

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Gilt Dragon: The Silver Coins of the Gilt Dragon Shipwreck

Rapid: The Silver Coins of the Rapid Shipwreck

Zuytdorp: The Silver Coins of the Zuytdorp Shipwreck