Australian Collectible and Commemorative Perth Mint Gold Coins

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The Perth Mint is regarded as the longest continually-operating mint anywhere in the world. The Perth Mint has been making coins in gold in Western Australia ever since it opened in 1899. It began minting modern proof coins when it re-opened to add value to Australia's precious metals nearly a century later in 1986. Gold was the first metal to be made into coins, platinum coins and silver coins followed shortly after that.

More than three decades later, Perth Mint gold coins featuring the Australian kangaroo are now widely ranked among the most popular bullion coins made anywhere in the world. World renowned for their exceptional quality, beauty and rarity, the Kangaroo Nugget coin series is highly sought after by investors as far and wide as Canada, Germany and China.

Many collectors prefer acquiring Perth Mint gold coin sets and individual coins rather than gold bullion bars, because coins are more recognizable and popular with buyers around the world. The main series of Perth Mint gold sets and coins features the Kangaroo on the reverse, their Lunar coin series is also popular with collectors around the world.

How Are Prices of the Perth Mint Gold Coins Calculated?

Prices of the Perth Mint gold proof coins and sets are based on the current price of gold bullion, the exact premium over their metal weight is determined by the rarity of the coin and the collector demand for it. If you want to purchase Kangaroo gold coins that have real value, keep in mind we often only have limited stock of the Perth Mint gold sets and coins.

Although there are many different coin series to choose from, mintage figures of individual coins or sets are often tiny. Our product descriptions explain just how much bullion is in each gold coin or set, and just how many (or few!) were made. The listing below shows you all of the precious metal coins in gold from the Perth Mint that we currently have in our online store.


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