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This area of collecting originates from the Reserve Bank of Australia and includes a wide range of rare Australian banknotes ranging from rare first and last prefixes; to many quality banknotes with an exclusive serial number; as well as uncut sheets, blocks and pairs of banknotes.

Where Do They Print Australian Notes?

Note Printing Australia (NPA) is based in Craigieburn (in Victoria), and has been making rare and collectable products for the Australian numismatic market since 1988. Note Printing Australia folders are popular with collectors for their beauty and rarity - the series is finite and very satisfying to complete.

These superb quality Australian notes are presented in colourful folders and are often accompanied by an informative folder. The rarest banknote from NPA can command thousands of dollars.

When Did Australia Get Polymer Notes?

The wide selection of rare Australian banknotes presented in exclusive folders began when history was made in 1988 - the year that Australia' released polymer notes for the first time. Many of these folders were sold via the Commonwealth Bank during the Bicentennial.

Is Uncut Money Worth Anything?

Uncut money is generally only ever made in very limited quantities, and it is tightly held by dedicated collectors for many years. The rarest uncut sheets of Australian banknotes command thousands of dollars.

Our range of NPA folders is listed below, if you are looking for a specific prefix or number, please feel free to contact our staff to see if we have it in stock.

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