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The Introduction of Australian Decimal Currency

The Royal Australian Mint has been the sole producer of Australia's circulating coins since it began coin production in 1966.

The Royal Australian Mint Decimal coins have been at the forefront of coin minting and are the sole producer of Australia's currently circulating coins following its commencement of coin production. Previously, the nation's release of pre-decimal commonwealth coins was in circulation from 1910 to 1965, which were minted and circulated throughout Australia. These coins were of various denominations and bore the effigy of King George V or Queen Elizabeth II.

One of the most popular coins minted by the Royal Australian Mint in recent years has been the famous 2012 Red Poppy 2-dollar coin, prices of that regularly reach hundreds of dollars

We buy and sell both individual and sets of Australian decimal currency. In our collection we have also accumulated both proof individual coins and proof sets that are available, in gold, silver and other circulating metals.

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