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Australia has had 50 cent coins in circulation from the very first day decimal coins were introduced on February 14th 1966. The silver fifty cent coins from 1966 were incredibly popular with the general public when it was introduced, many families and collectors kept them for future generations. Unfortunately, many of the round 50 cent coins were melted down for their metal value when the silver price rose in 1979. The 12-sided dodecagonal fifty cent coin was introduced in 1969, and has remained a constant since then.

Many families and collectors enjoy collecting the different designs seen on Australia's 50 cent coins, from the 1970 50 cent piece that features Captain Cook, right through to the latest commemoratives struck by the Royal Australian Mint. A number of 50 cent proof coins have been struck in silver and gold, you should be able to find them in our shop listed below. Lots of people have the 1982 50 cent coin that was struck for the Brisbane XII Commonwealth Games. It has the games symbol at the centre, and has images for each of the different sporting events around the outside. A list of valuable 50c Australian coins is fairly short - most are only worth their face value unless they are in premium grade.

One of the first 50 cent piece designs that many people notice in their change are the fifty cent coins struck for the Centenary of Federation - there is one for each state and territory.

Several fifty cents with coloured designs on the tails side have been made for collectors, they are almost as popular as the coloured 2 dollar coins. We sometimes offer 50 cent error coins for sale, they can bring a lot of money when in mint condition.

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FAQ's About Australian 50 Cent Coins

What is the value of the 1977 Silver Jubilee 50 cent coin?

We got a lot questions about the Jubilee 50 cent coin value after the Queen passed away in September 2022. Although you'll see some advertised on eBay, Gumtree and social media at eye-watering high prices, the reality is 25 million of them were made so they aren't rare at all. Mint rolls do bring a premium over face value, but even mint condition examples of this coin are hard to sell.

What is the value of the 2016 50 cent coin?

The Royal Australian Mint issued a series of coins in 2016 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the introduction of decimal currency. The 50 cent coin in this set is not rare, but because it has a special design on the heads side that is unique to this year, it is proving to be popular with collectors.