Rare and Valuable Australian One Dollar Coins

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Australia's 1 dollar coin was introduced by The Royal Australian Mint in 1984 after the paper $1 banknote was removed from circulation. The famous "Mob of roos" reverse seen on the dollar coin was designed by Stuart Devlin.

The $1 coin in Australia is popular with collectors, especially with those that enjoy going through circulating coins looking for different designs and varieties. The first coloured reverse design on a one dollar coin commenced in 2002 with the Year of the Outback proof. 

Although there are not many truly rare one dollar coins from Australia, the 2000 "mule" dollar is the most valuable $1 coin from Australia.

It has become one of the most widely known collectible decimal coins with regular exposure in the media.

Several of these rare coins have sold for more than $10,000 when in mint condition, realistically though you're not likely to find one if you search through a heap of coin operated machines.

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