We Have a Wide Range of Rare, Historic & Valuable Australian and Foreign Notes

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This list shows all of the Australian and foreign banknotes that we have available for you to buy at the moment.

Each of the notes we’ve listed has a full written description accompanied by high-resolution images. We carry a small range of independently-graded notes (generally by PCGS), all of our raw notes are graded to the Australian adjectival standard. We use halogen / LED lighting when grading, and are happy to share detailed explanations of grade upon request.

We aim to provide you with as much information as you need to make a decision, so please use the contact us button if you have a question about any of the notes you see.

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Our staff have written a number of detailed articles on the many different kinds of banknotes that we handle, a number of them have been published in the Coin and Banknote magazine. We've also written a number of articles to help collectors on their way to building a collection of banknotes that has real meaning and lasting value.

Some of the articles we've published include:

Pre-Federation Banknotes: The Western Australian Bank (1841 - 1927) Underwritten by Parochialism

Pre-Decimal Banknotes: Australia's "Rainbow" Pound - Currency Directly Linked to WWI

Paper Decimal Banknotes: Why Consecutive Serial Number Banknotes Don't Matter

Polymer Decimal Banknotes: Focus on Last Prefix Notes Rather than First Prefix Notes