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Building a Collection of Australian Notes

Accumulating Australian banknotes requires research and reference materials. Numismatic books, online forums, auction catalogues, and specialized websites provide valuable information on banknote varieties, historical context, and pricing trends. Building a comprehensive library or accessing reliable sources can enhance the collecting experience.

Australian notes reflect the country's diverse origins, unique flora and fauna, and rich history. Combining aesthetics, functionality, and advanced security features in order to provide the public with a reliable and visually appealing means of exchange.

Whether you are after rare Australian banknotes or a hundred trillion dollar note from Zimbabwe, we have a wide range of notes from Australia and the world for sale. 

Most of the banknotes that we buy are Australian, but we do handle a modest number of notes from other countries around the world. Due to our location, we often see banknotes from Malaysia and Singapore, as well as the United Kingdom and the United States. Lots of Australian tourists have brought back Indonesian rupiah from their island holiday in their pockets or bags. Many Australians keep these aside for sentimental as well as financial reasons.

We buy our rare Australian banknotes from our own customers; from other dealers; via auction and from the general public. We handle a wide range of decimal currency notes - notes in mint condition; rare signatures; first and last prefixes; star notes and rare serial numbers. We handle specimen notes and folders, exclusively distributed by the Reserve Bank of Australia to VIP's whenever a new note or design was introduced.

We carry a small range of independently graded rare Australian banknotes, mostly from PCGS. All of our raw notes are graded to the Australian adjectival standard.

All of the banknotes we’ve listed have a full written description accompanied by high-resolution images. We use halogen / LED lighting when grading and are happy to share detailed explanations of grades upon request.

We aim to provide you with as much information as you need to make a decision, so please use the contact us button or the live chat tool if you have a question about any of the notes you see.

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A Popular And Rewarding Hobby

Collecting paper banknotes is a popular and rewarding hobby for millions of people around the world. Banknotes offer insight into the history of different countries and regions, and they can also be valuable investments. Some of the rarest notes fetch incredibly high values at auction. Our banknote inventory is the perfect resource for finding paper and polymer banknotes from around the world.

A Wide Selection of Banknotes

We offer a wide selection of banknotes from different countries and regions. Our inventory includes banknotes from the US, Europe, Asia, and many other regions. Our notes are of the highest quality, each one hand-selected and carefully inspected to ensure that you’re getting the best quality banknotes for your collection. We grade to the IBNS standard, and offer a grading guarantee.

Detailed Articles on Banknotes

Our staff have written a number of detailed articles on the many different kinds of banknotes that we handle, a number of them have been published in the Coin and Banknote magazine. We've also written a number of articles to help collectors on their way to building a collection of banknotes that has real meaning and lasting value.

Some of the articles we've published include:

Pre-Federation Banknotes: The Western Australian Bank (1841 - 1927) Underwritten by Parochialism

Pre-Decimal Banknotes: Australia's "Rainbow" Pound - Currency Directly Linked to WWI

Paper Decimal Banknotes: Why Consecutive Serial Number Banknotes Don't Matter

Polymer Decimal Banknotes: Focus on Last Prefix Notes Rather than First Prefix Notes