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Australian Threepence's and Decimalisation

The Commonwealth of Australia made use of multiple denominations of pre-decimal currency before 1966. In particular, the threepence was minted as a small sized coin, initally by the Royal Mint followed by the Melbourne Mint. 

These coins were circulation between 1910 and 1966, and to this day remain legal tender in Australia. The first of the Australian threepences depicted the design of the code of arms, whilst newer designs displayed a trifecta of grains. Mintage and strikage of these coins were divided between the Royal Mint and the Melbourne Mint. 

Another historically significant factor of these coins that could be valuable to your collection is that the Australian threepence was assisted by American Mints during World War II, in particular the United State's mint of San Fransisco and Denver. Three pence coins were composed of sterling silver (0.925) however were debased to 50% silver in 1946. 

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