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Throughout the centuries, banknotes have taken on various forms and sizes. This is especially true in recent times when digital currencies are becoming increasingly popular, various uncirculated and historic world banknotes have caught the eyes of many numismatists and inspired places within their collection.

We have the expertise and the resources to handle from right around the world, from nearly any time or place. Not only do we have each of the Krause "Standard" price catalogues covering each century of world banknotes from 1600 to date, we also have a large number of specialist price catalogues that span the numismatic areas that we cover.

Are old bank notes worth anything?

We either know where to look when we get stumped or who we need to ask! If you have a question about any of the foreign or world paper currency listed, please use the Contact Us button and we'll get back to you straight away.

We stock a wide range on our site for sale of independently-graded world coins and all of the "raw" notes we handle have been graded and allocated a stock price to the Australian adjectival standard. 

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Our staff have written a number of detailed articles on the many different kinds of world banknotes that we handle, a number of them have been published in the Coin and Banknote magazine. We've also written a number of articles to help collectors on their way to building a collection of banknotes that has real meaning and lasting value.

Some of the articles we've published include:

Inflation Writ On a Grand Scale in Zimbabwe

Hyper Inflationary Notes - An Infinite World of Possibilities for the World Note Collector