Uncirculated Australian One Cent Coins

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As the smallest coin under Australia's decimal system, the 1 cent coin holds a special place in the hearts of Australian collectors. An Australian 1 cent piece is often the very first coin many collectors kept out of their change as the start to their collection.

The Royal Australian Mint had 3 branches at the time we switched to decimal currency in 1966 - the Canberra Mint; the Melbourne Mint and the Perth Mint. Between the three Australian mints, they made more than 412 million one cent coins before D-Day on February 14th 1966. The last circulating coin of this type was made by the Royal Mint in 1990, but a few very small batches of one cent coins have been released to collectors in certain years after that.

More and more parents of young children are finding that a building collection of Australian 1 and 2 cent coins is an affordable and fun activity to get the kids into.

Most Australian one cent coins are still only worth 1 cent, so a complete set of Australian 1 cent coins running from 1966 to 1990 is fairly easy to complete in circulated condition. You won't find too many 1 cent coins on a list of Australian coins worth money - some 1 cent coins can be worth (much) more than their face value if they are a rare date and / or if they are in mint condition.

The Feathertail Glider design on the reverse can differ very slightly depending on which Australian mint made the coin. The 1966 one cent made by the Royal Mint Perth branch is probably the most valuable 1 cent coin from Australia, while the 1966 Royal Mint Melbourne  branch 1 cent is also popular with collectors when in mint condition. The 1968 one cent coin is another one to look for in mint condition.


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