Gold and Silver Bullion Coins and Bars as Well as Natural Gold Nuggets

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Some people prefer owning gold and silver bars, others like it just the way it was when it came out of the ground.

Gold has been used as a measure of wealth and revered as an object of beauty by every civilization on Earth since the dawn of time.

Despite that appeal, rarely does gold remain in its natural form. Even wealthy individuals - those who own large amounts of gold jewelry; coins and even bars - rarely possess gold in its pristine alluvial state.

Each natural gold nugget has an appeal unique unto itself a shape, a colour and a composition that could only possibly be created by the awesome power of the earth. As a general rule, natural gold nuggets range in purity between 75% and 95% pure. The exact amount is determined by the amount and type of base / precious metal(s) it was formed with, and the amount of host rock remaining in the specimen.

To hold a natural gold nugget is to come into contact with the product of a force of nature, it is a souvenir of a time before dinosaurs roamed the earth of a time even before the creation of the Australian continent.

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