Five Cents

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The Royal Australian Mint has been making 5 cent coins ever since 1966, when decimal currency was first introduced. Since then, the five cent coin has become one of the most popular coins with "noodlers" and collectors alike. 

The Australian five cent coin is popular with collectors because it is an affordable denomination to accumulate a heap of and sort through, and offers a great deal of different varieties to identify and look for.

Are Any Australian 5 Cent Coins Valuable?

When sorting through a lot of loose change, the 1972 five cent coin is arguably the most important Australian five cent to look for. Due to the low mintage, the 1972 five cent coin is very sought after (even in used condition) and can be worth over $100 in mint condition. 

Another scarce Australian five cent coin is the 2016 Decimal Currency commemorative - it has an easily-identifiable design on the tails side.

 The Royal Australian Mint has produced a large number of 5 cent coins for the collector market - some of the more unusual 5 cent coins have been struck in gold, silver and with colour on the tails side.


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