Australian Type I Sydney Mint Gold Sovereigns

Type I Sydney Mints image

These coins are some of Australia's rarest coins and are the first legal tender coins produced within Australia. 

Due to their rarity and history, these coins are incredibly valuable in any condition. The finest know example has sold for $125,000 and was independently graded MS64 by PCGS.

The Type I Sydney Mint sovereign has several unique characteristics that have ensured a high level of demand from type collectors of gold coins right around the world. They are:

1. The portrait of Queen Victoria is different to that seen on sovereigns produced in London;

2. A notation of the coin’s value was included for the first time;

3. The name of the mint was also included in writing; and

4. The coins were inscribed with a national name that did not become a political entity for almost half a century.

Due to the way these coins were produced, they are not seen with sharp detail in the portrait. The number hoarded in India, melted in Australia and actively withdrawn once the Imperial designs were introduced means that they may be considered extremely scarce in any grade, and very rare in high grade.

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