Australian Type II Sydney Mint Gold Sovereigns

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Sydney Mint Type II Sovereign 

With hair tied using a wreath of banksia leaves, another of Queen Victoria's portraits compromise a rare collection of gold Australian sovereigns. Considering the historical context of the extensive reign of Queen Victoria, these gold sovereigns minted by the Sydney Mint have distinct features that should be valued by any collector. 

Features of Type II Gold Sovereigns

Type II coins hold characteristically significant illustrations and designs on their inscriptions, seeing as the second type of gold sovereigns include inscriptions of 'Sydney Mint' and 'One Sovereign on their reverse, thus defining them as true Australian sovereigns, minted in New South Wales.

These type of Australia's gold sovereign coins were only produced at the Sydney Mint, between 1857 and 1870.

As a colony of the British empire, Australia was able to collaborate with the Royal Mint and mark history and construct a new and different design, struck for imprint upon a gold sovereign, an extremely rare event. 

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