A Wide Range of Rare and Valuable Australian Half Gold Sovereign Coins

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We have experience and expertise in Australia's rarest circulating half sovereigns.

Half sovereigns are small gold coins made up of approximately 3.99 grams of 22 carat gold and were used within Australia from 1855 until 1918.

Whereas sovereigns were struck according to the amount of gold that was discovered in any one year, half sovereigns were only ever struck according to economic demand.

Half sovereigns can range in price from bullion gold value to over twenty-nine thousand dollars.

This market segment is harder and more expensive to collect in - that complete sets of half sovereigns are exponentially more difficult to complete only makes them more appealing to the dedicated collectors that pursue them.

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Our staff have written a number of detailed articles on the many different kinds of half sovereigns that we handle, a number of them have been published in the Coin and Banknote magazine. We've also written a number of articles to help collectors on their way to building a collection of banknotes that has real meaning and lasting value.

Some of the articles we've published include:

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The 1856 Sydney Half Sovereign With The Type 2 Reverse - Accident or Design

The 1858 Type II Sydney Mint Half Sovereign With the "RR" Reverse Legend Error

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