Rare Collectable Coins from Australia and All Around the World

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We have the expertise and resources to handle coins from ancient Greece and Rome to the latest collector coins from the Royal Australian Mint and the Perth Mint. We handle many coins made of precious metals from right around the world - gold coins; silver coins; platinum coins and even palladium coins.

We have handled a number of Australia's most important proof coins, specimen coins and pattern coins.

Many of these are truly rare and historic coins that have been graded by PCGS or NGC; all of our raw coins are graded to the Australian adjectival standard.

Each of the coins we’ve listed has a full written description accompanied by high-resolution images. We aim to provide you with as much information as you need to make a decision, so please use the contact us button or the live chat tool if you have a specific question about any of the coins you see.

If you are looking for a coin from a specific country around the world, let us know and we'll see if we can track it down for you.

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Our staff has written a number of detailed articles on the many different kinds of coins that we handle, a number of them have been published in the Coin and Banknote magazine. We've also written a number of articles to help collectors on their way to building a collection of coins that has real meaning and lasting value.

Some of the articles we've published about coins include:

Proclamation and Colonial Coins: What Is A Proclamation Coin?

Proclamation and Colonial Coins: The Silver Coins of the Batavia Shipwreck

Commonwealth Coins: The Famed Heaton Mint and Australia's Coinage

Australian Gold Coinage: Timeline for Australian Coinage Following the Discovery of Gold in 1851

World Numismatics: New Zealand's 1933 Pattern Kiwi Shilling - One of New Zealand's Rarest Coins