Australian Young Head Gold Sovereign Coins

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Queen Victoria and Numismatics

Portraits of famous British monarch Queen Victoria, throughout her life, are historically documented on the obverse of many half sovereigns between the years of 1838 and 1901.

When Queen Victoria was coronated in 183 at the age of 18, this was the beginning of her royal reign and political power, but also numismatic appearances. William Wyon designed each portrait of Queen Victoria on the back what is now known as the Australian Young Head sovereigns, and did so up until her death in 1901, a partnership that lasted over 63 years. 

Young Head Sovereigns and the British Empire

The iconically designed gold sovereign have featured a portrait of Queen Victoria, with braided hair facing the left of the coin. Most significantly, these gold sovereigns were produced at Britain's Royal Mint in London, along with the Melbourne and Sydney Mint in Australia - ultimately contributing to the team work between the Royal Mint and a colony with concerns to coin production. 

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