We Sell Rare Uncirculated Twenty dollar Polymer Banknotes

Twenty Dollar image

Australian $20 notes have been printed since 1994. Some notes can be particularly valuable with the right serial numbers or if in mint condition, reaching up to $700 for the rarest notes.

Australia has been at the forefront of the development of polymer banknotes ever since it was first invented by CSIRO in the 1970s. Check the articles in our blog archive to see the news and research that we've written in this area in the past.

Now that the 1st Generation note series is complete and Australia's NGB notes are in circulation, it is possible for collectors to build a complete set of the first series of Australian polymer notes. We believe this will keep this area alive for collectors for the next few years.

We sell many first and last prefix notes to clients well before they're listed on our website, if you're chasing a particular note please use the Contact Us button to get in touch and we'll notify you when one becomes available.

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