Australian Pre-Decimal Five Pounds Banknotes

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Australian 5 pound notes were issued from 1913 up until they were replaced in 1966. Some notes can be particularly valuable with the right serial numbers or if in mint condition, reaching up to $22,000 for the rarest notes. 

During the period these notes were circulated five pounds was a lot of money for most people, which makes these notes particularly hard to come by in uncirculated condition. 

The elaborate and dignified images employed on Australia’s Commonwealth paper currency carry with them an air of exclusivity not captured by our nation’s coinage from the same period. 

Due to the extended period over which they were issued, there are several tiers of demand to the collector market for pre-decimal notes. Most collectors begin collecting cheaper notes from the Elizabeth II era, and aspire to own rarer and more historic notes from earlier periods as they build experience and confidence in the market.




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