Perth Mint Platinum Coins

The Perth Mint is regarded as the oldest consistently operating mint in the world. The Mint has been making platinum collectable coins in Western Australia ever since its birth in 1899. The Perth Mint began minting proof coins again when it re-opened to add value to Australia's precious metals in 1986. The Perth Mint is now a regular winner of awards for marketing and design excellence.

Is There A Market for Platinum Coins?

There is a large market for platinum proof coins with collectors right around the world. Platinum is preferred by many collectors over gold for a range of reasons - platinum is harder and has a higher specific gravity than gold and is 30 times rarer than gold and exponentially rarer than silver. Market prices for platinum bullion can vary much wider than gold and silver bullion does.

The Popular Designs Seen on the Perth Mint's Platinum Coins

The Perth Mint first produced platinum proof coins for the collector market in 1988. The weight, purity and authenticity of the Perth Mint platinum coins is guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia. The unique Koala designs on the Mint's platinum coins are one of the main reasons for the popularity of these coins with collectors worldwide. Platinum coins made by the Perth Mint are now widely ranked among the most trusted platinum coins made anywhere in the world.

Platinum proof collector coins from the Perth Mint are preferred by many investors over bullion coins or bars for their beauty, rarity and presentation. They have the same purity and weight as bullion coins, but are much more attractive and exclusive. We have sold many Perth Mint Koala mint platinum coins, our stock ranges from 5 coin sets down to single proof coins weighing one-twentieth of an ounce.

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