Rare Silver Coins Recovered from the Batavia Shipwreck - Certified Genuine

Batavia Shipwreck Coins image

Wrecking in 1629 off the coast of WA in the Wallabi Group of the Houtman Abrolhos, the Batavia has become one of Western Australia's most significant historical wrecks.

Many ships have sunk off Australia's dangerous coastline but only 4 historic Australian shipwrecks have had coins recovered from them that are available for collectors to legally own.

The coins recovered from the Batavia were mainly silver Rijksdaalders of the United Netherlands and the Spanish Netherlands and a wide variety of Talers from the German States, cities and bishoprics of the Holy Roman Empire under the authority of the Austrian emperor.

Over 90% are silver crown-sized pieces, with a few of the Half Thaler and Half Daalder denominations.

We are one of the most active dealers in the country in this area and have deep expertise in the background of the coins recovered from each wreck.

Each and every single coin we offer has been certified as genuine by the Australian Commonwealth Government.

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