Australia's First Gold Coin - The Adelaide Pound

Adelaide Pounds image

The 1852 Adelaide Pound is Australia’s first gold coin, minted in response to problems caused by the discovery of gold at Mount Alexander (Victoria) in November 1851.

Due to the rushed production, the die used to mint the first 50 became damaged, these are referred to as Type I. They can be identified by the vertical die crack at about 12 o'clock and the reverse having a beaded inner circle. Only around 30 have been found making them incredibly historic, rare and valuable sell for around $95,000 in average condition.

The rest of the Adelaide pounds are known as Type II. They can be identified by their smaller size and larger legend on the reverse, as well as the absence of a die crack and crenellated inner circle. These coins are rare in any condition and in uncirculated condition can be worth up to $37,500. 

Although they are dated 1852 only 4 were produced in 1852, the rest being minted in 1853. Only 24,648 Adelaide Pounds were ever struck - the last produced on February 13th, 1853


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