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1910 Threepence Choice Unc (PCGS MS64+), 1912 Threepence Choice Unc (PCGS MS63), 1912-H Halfpenny Choice Unc (PCGS MS64RB), 1914 London Florin PCGS MS63, 1914 Shilling Choice Unc (PCGS MS63), 1914 Sixpence Choice Unc (PCGS MS63), 1915 Sydney George V Half Sovereign Choice Unc (PCGS MS64), 1915 Threepence good EF (PCGS AU55), 1915-H Halfpenny Choice Unc (PCGS MS64RB), 1916 Florin about EF, 1916 Florin about Unc, 1916 Threepence Choice Unc (PCGS MS63), 1916-I Halfpenny Choice Unc (PCGS MS63RB), 1917-I Penny Choice Unc (PCGS MS63BN), 1918 Sixpence good EF, 1918 Sixpence Unc (PCGS MS61), 1918 Sydney George V Large Head Sovereign Choice Unc (PCGS MS64), 1918 Threepence Choice Unc (PCGS MS64), 1919 Florin about Unc, 1919 Florin Unc (PCGS MS62), 1919 Penny Dot Below Bottom Scroll With Die Upset Choice Unc (NGC MS63BN), 1919 Sixpence Choice Unc (PCGS MS64), 1919 Sixpence Uncirculated (PCGS MS62), 1920 Melbourne George V Large Head Sovereign Unc (PCGS MS62)