Is this going to help - eBay’s “Private Feedback” feature gone?

eBay's about to introduce a policy change that will help improve the transparency of their marketplace - the removal of "private feedback". This means that eBay members will no longer be able to list on eBay if they choose to block others from reading their feedback, which has to help. This doesn't mean the end of "private listings" however, where only the seller can see the user ID of bidders and the end buyer.

"Private listings" are one way that unscrupulous coin & note sellers have plied their trade - because a seller's feedback has been hidden, potential bidders haven't been able to fully inform themselves about how well or badly that seller has fared with previous bidders, which increases the chances the seller can continue to rip people off. With negative feedback available for all to see, buyers can make up their mind before they bid whether to bid or not.

Anyone that checks eBay's coin & note listings from time to time will know that there are plenty of ridiculous "private listing" coin or note auctions with bids actually on them, whether the removal of private feedback does enough to save punters from themselves remains to be seen.

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