A Great Companion Product to a Commemorative Coin - A Water Cannon or a Detention Bus!?!?!?

Way back a few months ago when the APEC summit was being held in Sydney (described by one well-respected geopolitical analyst as being a fairly irrelevant pause at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Australia"), the Chaser team wasn't the only group to lampoon the activities of Howard, Bush et al.

This newspaper article, written presumably by an author who was so pi**ed off with the very notion of the APEC Summit, decided to discuss the raison d'etre of the summit by way of the APEC dollar. Whatever your opinion of globalization, APEC or Australia's relationship to the United States, any collector would have to find it intriguing that a (presumably) non-collector would use numismatics to convey their ideas - you could probably count similar events in the past decade on one hand.

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