ANDA Sydney Show Preview

The penultimate (second last just doesn't set the right tone does it?) ANDA trade show for 2009 is on this weekend in Sydney. We've had at least two major auctions since the last show in Melbourne (in early July), so there should be some fresh stock on offer. Up until about two years ago, ANDA did hold two trade shows a year in Sydney, and the switch to holding just the one annually has undoubtedly resulted in many local collectors and vendors there looking forward to the single event just that little bit more.

I've noticed that activity in gold sovereigns and halves seems to have taken a bit of a tick upwards, and I'll be interested to see if that's the case at this show.

IAG have just posted their latest catalogue online, and as they'll be attending the show I expect they'll have a good range of lots on display at the show available for Sydney-based clientele to view before their sale on September 13th.

Will we see a conga line of vendors pressing from table to table, eager to sell treasures from their collection in order to raise cash? Or will it be a case of dealers looking blankly at each other across a sparsely populated bourse? If past shows are any guide (and they generally are), there will be a few fresh offerings snapped up, a few heavyweights will get away, new collectors will visit a show for the first time, and a whole lot of other people will be disappointed! If we were all of us able to sell or buy exactly what we wanted to each time we went to a trade show, it just wouldn't be fun now, would it? Would it?

Category: Market News