The Quartermaster Collection - Australia's Most Comprehensive Gold Coin Collection

I made something of a grave mistake the other day - I decided to settle down with my hardback, full colour copy of the Quartermaster Collection book and a coffee. Trouble was, coffee to me is a double espresso with some milk froth over the top, and the book is going to take me many hours to go through! (I'll be buzzing by the time I'm done!)

The end result of this book certainly is a credit to everyone that's been involved with it - Tom Hadley (the gent that owns the Quartermaster collection); Barrie Winsor and Tony Richardson (the dealers primarily responsible for building the collection over the years), and all of the team at Monetarium.

Not only does the book cover the history of gold coinage in Australia in a unique and unparalelled manner, it truly is magnificent to behold. There are so many coins in this collection that most of us will only ever see in public collections it is ridiculous - many people have said that this collection could never be built again. James Bond of all people knows never to say never, but we can unequivocally say that the person that decides to attempt this task again at some point in the future 

better have deep pockets, impeccable taste and excellent connections throughout the world's numismatic industry.

Each of the coins that are included in the collection have been featured with full colour photographs - the provenance and technical specifications have been listed also. If you have even a remote interest in Australian gold coinage you simply must get a copy of this book, and since there are only 200 copies available - you want to do it sooner rather than later! Orders can be placed directly via the Monetarium website.

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