Never In A Million Years Did I Think He'd Say This

OK, it's Friday afternoon as I type this, so it's definitely time for some levity. While searching for an image online just now, I came across this news segment that aired on CNET way back in April 2005.

It's a video story about a scam artist (?) in the US that did quite well selling brand new quarters (available from the bank apparently!) for $1.48 each. This "sprat to catch a mackerel" is then used to lure the unsuspecting punters, already delighted with their bargain purchase of a 25¢ coin for $1.48, into purchasing many other equally valuable items. Please be aware that the video kicks off pretty much straight away, so if you're watching this in company you might want to turn the volume down a bit. Nothing untoward here, but I do hate it when a video kicks off at full blast unexpectedly.

The sound bite at the start of the segment from the Governor of California, Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, is well worth clicking on the link alone! As someone that spent the better part of his early adult years watching pretty much every movie this man made, I never thought I'd see the day when he said that.

The article does say something about how intoxicated some people get when it comes to purchasing coins - all common sense goes out the window when some people think they're getting either the bargain or the heirloom of a lifetime.