New Website Feature Added - Propose a Trade!


“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.” - Oscar Wilde

If Oscar Wilde ever collected coins, he apparently wouldn't have allowed a lack of ready cash to stop him from growing his collection. For the rest of us mortals however, one of the few things that can stop or slow us down building our collection is money (or the lack thereof, more to the point).

If you’ve ever been keen on buying a coin or note from us, but your budget’s held you back, you might be pleased to know we’ve added a new button to our product pages - “Propose A Trade”. (Highlighted in yellow in the image here).


Most successful collectors build their collections not just by spending money, but also by trading or swapping items of value with fellow collectors or dealers. They’re alive to "the deal”, and can think outside the square in order to keep their collection moving forward.

Wealthy collectors swap items in and out of their collections just as much as those who work on smaller budgets - trading is one of the real thrills of collecting, it’s said that imagination often starts when a budget stops.

That said, a lot of collectors have never contemplate swapping something out of their collection once they’ve bought it.

If this is new territory for you, a trade or swap deal can help a collector acquire an item they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford, and can help a collector:

* Get rid of duplicates;
* Move on items they've outgrown;
* Say goodbye to a set they've completed;
* Get rid of mistakes;
* Make use of items they no longer like; and
* Take a profit on something they've bought cheaply.

If you see something on our website that you'd like to buy, and have any items in your collection that fall into one of the above categories, let's see if we can do a deal.

If you’ve done business with us before, you’ll know we’re pretty straightforward - our retail prices are online for the world to see (so there won’t be any mistaking what we'll sell your items for), and we can point you in the right direction if you need some help working out what your items are worth.

We're always buying inventory for our customers, and will consider pretty much anything numismatic as a trade! Here are just some of the things we'll take:

* Old pre-decimal coins (pennies, halfpennies and silver coins);
* Kilograms of old holiday change and paper money;
* Proof collector coins, sets and note folders from the mint;
* Used pre-decimal notes;
* Used paper decimal notes;
* Polymer decimal notes; as well as
* Bullion bars and coins.

Think through your collection now - do you have anything that you no longer need or want? Do you have something you can take a profit on? Do you have something you'd like to turn into something else?

In our experience, the best trade or swap deals happen when both sides know the value of the items they have, and both trade into something they want or can use.

If you’d like to see if we can’t do some business, here’s how to get the ball rolling:

  1. Identify a coin, note or set on our website (as many items as you like) that you're interested in acquiring;
  2. Make a list of the items you have that you're interested in trading;
  3. Get clear on what the market's like for those items (we can guide you in the right direction if needs be); 
  4. Work out what you're prepared to take for them; then
  5. Propose a trade!

Let's Make A Deal

We're active in many areas and levels of the market, so don't be shy about offering us one thing in order to get something else that's completely different. So long as we can get out of the item we're trading in at a reasonable profit, we're happy.

We buy all types of coins and notes every day of the week, it makes sense to buy from our own customers before we buy from the general public!

We look forward to setting up a trade with you soon, do get in touch if you have any questions at all.



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