IAG Auction #65 Report - Solid Across The Board

This time last week I was in Brisbane just before the IAG auction, if we're going to use it as a guide to the state of the market, I'd say it's pretty solid. Prices across the board were either just below retail, @ retail and even above in some areas. The clearance rate was quite good, it was hard to see too much stuff being passed in at all. Prices weren't completely over the top (which can be a sign that the market's overheating or moving ahead "too" quickly), with demand coming equally from the trade, mail bids and collectors. Here's a few quick results:
Waitangi Crown - $5,865 nett; G EF £1 Superscribed - $120,750; R9 A UNC - $28,175; Type 3 $1 Specimen - $27,600; CH UNC 1920 "Plain" Penny (Indian obverse) - $57,50; Proof 1937 Crown - $27,600; etc etc etc!

Noble Numismatics has a few similar items coming up in their next auction in Sydney the week after next, it'll be interesting to see how results compare with those seen last week.

Category: Market News