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Inventory Update  - August 13, 2018:

We have several attractive and well-presented sets of paper decimal notes; an incredible 300 year old shilling struck for Oliver Cromwell; as well as a great range of pre-decimal notes in superior quality.

Andrew Crellin


Minimal obverse friction, lots of lustre evident.

Circulated sovereigns, all for a modest premium over their... read more

One of the most keenly sought $1 coin sets in recent years.

A limited edition proof of "Australia's wonder horse".

An honest batch of 50 Australian silver 50¢ coins made of 80%... read more

Less than 20,000 of these were issued - a tiny mintage.

Just 582 of these coins were struck.

A large and impressive medallion with an attractive patina.

Clearly a treasured memento - in impeccable quality.


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