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Inventory Update  - October 26, 2018:

We have one of Australia's rarest and most historic gold coins available now, as well as a range of much more affordable foreign gold, and the exclusive releases from the Sydney Money Expo.

Andrew Crellin


This coin is the finer of just 2 examples graded by PCGS to date... read more


Incredible paper quality - crisp, natural and granular. Light... read more


Crisp paper, with several light folds.

Centre fold and 2 teller flicks are evident.

Crisp and natural, with great paper quality.

Crisp paper, centre fold and 2 flicks.

Much detail in the hair, beard and shield remains clear.

Stacks of eye appeal, problem free.

The first Australian gold coin struck since 1931.

An attractive Australian commemorative, struck in solid 22ct gold... read more


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