Are These The Folks Behind Those Counterfeit 1930 Pennies on eBay?

An article in the Australian newspaper last Friday (October 13th) detailed how a suspect in a plot to blow up a plane in Britain had actually been trading on eBay to raise funds for the operation. The juxtaposition between a person's apparently "normal" life and their commitment to wreak terror on fellow human beings is always a point of wonder, however an (alleged) terrorist using the relatively new sales channel of eBay to raise funds raises a whole lot of very serious questions about eBay - I mean, what was his feedback like? Was he one of those sellers that use those stupid damn faces in his emails all the time? :-) Did he overcharge for postage? What was he actually selling? Are the folks at the "hydroponic gardening centre" that sold him 20 litres of hydrogen peroxide still in business? I'm quite sure a terrorist would have no qualms about selling counterfeit 1930 pennies as genuine items, however doubt whether their selling behaviour was as salacious as I first imagined.

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