Numismatic Horror Movie - IOUSA

OK, what follows is not necessarily a numismatic horror movie, but it's one that I think anyone that trades in coins or notes will have an interest in seeing - it's a feature length documentary on the current economic "crisis" entitled IOUSA.

Since most of us trade coins and notes with at least some reference to investment / wealth creation, and the values of these coins and notes are determined in a big way by the activity in the broader economy, getting a better understanding (or at least a different perspective) on the current economic situation will better inform our trading decisions.

Sure, the situation here in Australia is not the same as in the US, and although we're doing better than they are at the moment, I don't see any harm at all in learning more about what's going on in the largest economy in the world, particularly when that economy has exported financial instruments and practices the world over!

Will watching this move make much of an impact on how you build or dispose of your collection? I guess that depends on how you view things already, but if you weren't already aware that every dollar of cash we have is precious in the current economic environment, it might just make you sharpen your pencil a bit.

PS - try not to watch this late at night, you may have difficulty getting to sleep!


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