Those with the argument that we're in / have been in a bit of a commodity speculative bubble may have some evidence when they look at some prices being realized on eBay - copper bullion has been selling for well over spot!

Now I know that there are a lot of people out there that are screaming to get their hands on more gold & silver bullion than they're able to, but copper?!?

The silver round 50¢ coins are now bringing a 20% - 40% premium above spot (that's a dollar or two more than their actual silver value), which indicates just how far individual investors are prepared to go to get the stuff. Ditto with silver kookaburras of all sizes.

There'd have to be a pretty solid argument for the copper price to scream higher from here for me to start hoarding kilos of the stuff - looks like now could be a good time for you to haul out those old copper bullion bars you bought years ago and sell them on eBay at a premium!

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