IAG Auction #65 - Preview

Where do you start with an auction like this? Top quality material across the board, in pretty much every major area of numismatic interest. IAG auctions are always short, sharp and sweet - quality items and the whole thing isn't so long you have to re-introduce yourself to your family again once you get back home.Here's a few pieces that catch my eye:

  • Waitangi Crown - currently in strong demand overseas with world coin collectors;
  • A good range of proclamation & colonial coins - more 8 reales than I've seen in one place in a while;
  • Pre-Federation notes - all types (issued, specimens and printer's proofs);
  • Pre-Decimal notes - so many in good grade it's hard to highlight any (R9 in AUNC; R21 in EF; R37b in EF; R42 pair in UNC; R55 in A UNC; £50 and a £100; UNC R17s & R32s pairs.
  • Half sovereigns - 1856 in CH UNC; 1882 S & 1883 S in CH UNC;
  • Sovereigns - 1923 Sydney in EF (despite the grade, this is still an extremely rare coin).
  • Commonwealth Coins - 1920 Plain (presumably London obverse) - a truly rare penny variety, the McDonald's guide doesn't denote that there are two types of 1920 plain penny - London and Indian obverses. Too many other quality coins to list!
  • Rare tokens - Jamberoo; Bell & Gardner; a few rarer silver 3d's as well. This market is strong also.

I'll be attending the sale, and am happy to bid on your behalf. I'll grade the coin and endeavour to secure it for the lowest possible price (but don't be expecting any Hail Mary's!) Contact me by Thursday if you're interested, full colour catalogues are available from the IAG website as a PDF download free of charge.

Category: Market Movements