Roxbury’s 92 Auction Summary

Roxbury’s 92nd auction was perhaps more active than some people expected it to be, there were bursts of energy evenly throughout the day. The overall clearance rate came in at78%, with turnover at about $578,000, and an average lot value of around $700.

The pre-decimal coins early on may not have had much in the way of condition rarities, however that didn’t stop some spirited bidding between collectors on a range of popular items - PCGS graded and raw coins alike.

The decimal coins were keenly covered as always, interestingly the British and world coin section included a number of really attractive coins that drew some strong bidding. Both of the British gold 5 guineas got away, as did a number of other attractive and seldom-seen coins.

A collection of nicely-graded New Zealand notes was included, these were chased by bidders across the room. The first real test of the higher end of the market came with the Australian gold coins. There were at least half a dozen coins formerly from the Quartermaster Collection included in this sale, and while not all of them made prices close to what they sold for back in 2009, some did - a great sign for this market.

The rarer KGV proof coins got away, as did the 2 1930 pennies and the lower graded Type II Adelaide Pound. The rare specimen £20 note was passed in yet again however.

There were a good number of paper and polymer notes included in this sale - the clearance rate was strong, the prices were strong on certain notes with serial prefixes that are really seldom seen.

The pre-federation note section included a rante of notes, from rare issued notes, to specimens, to the more common black and white proofs. The lesser notes were passed in, while the rarer and more attractive notes found new homes.

The pre-decimal note section included a range of items - some incredibly important early notes in high grade, as well as many more far readily available notes in lower grades. I feel the temperature rising in this section of the market at present, it’ll be interesting to see how really good pre-decimal notes are chased in the coming months.

We have a 2 week break before the next sale in Sydney, time to recover and get ready!



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