Roxbury's Latest Sale - Chock Full of Everything

The timing of the latest Roxbury's auction is either going to turn out to be inconsequential or completely terrible, what with all that's been going on in the US this past week.They certainly have no shortage of quality material in the sale, it'll just be a matter of whether the vendors are ready to meet the market or if buyers are out in force on the day.

I've been having my ears bashed by all and sundry these past few weeks saying that it'll be boom times for all rare coin dealers pretty soon, what with increasing numbers of folks not having an interest in punting on the sharemarket any time soon, and the property market not abounding with value in many areas across the country. I confess that I haven't seen much of this asset reallocation activity myself, but the past fortnight has seen a few higher value items get away. The results at the IAG sale were pretty strong, so there's no reason why Roxbury's should be any different.

There's a great range of entry-level collector material in this sale (modern issues; circulated pre-decimal sets; banknotes in a range of grades), as well as some rarities that could go either way depending on how interested the vendors are in getting their hands on some cash. I've bespied a Holey Dollar; Kookaburra Penny; 1915 Halfpenny in UNC+ and a Type I set of specimen banknotes in this catalogue, just to name a few of the more high-flying rarities that are included.

I can't tell you the number of times I've kicked myself for allowing pre-sale estimates or grades on listed items to stop me from getting ready to bid on items at auction. As an example, I've seen coins and notes come up with what I thought were unrealistic grades, have dismissed them as being not "on the market", only to see them get knocked down to someone else (either a collector or a dealer) for significantly less than what I would've been prepared to pay!

A word to the wise - if there's anything on offer in the Roxbury sale that looks like it could be of interest to you, make sure you at least put yourself in the frame because anything is possible in this current market. And there'd be nothing worse than seeing someone else get a bargain when it could end up in your safe.

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