Status International Auction Wrapup - Boom Times For Commonwealth Silver!

Every now and then there's an auction that really sets a new benchmark in a sector of the market, and for really nice Commonwealth silver, the last sale was it!

Stewart Wright had managed to obtain a few key shillings in finest known grade for this sale, and these were very keenly contested by dealers and collectors alike. Record prices were seen across the board - I can't find my catalogue for the life of me at the moment, but if you look through the prices realized and compare them to the figures in the latest pocket book, you'll see why I believe this segment of the market is really poised to move forward in the coming years.

Top grade Commonwealth coins have not been consistently strong in recent years, despite the fact that they have risen very strongly in low grade on eBay. Those collectors are slowly becoming more sophisticated and more confident in paying higher prices for quality coins, and I think this can only bode well for the market. Not only that, the folks that are chasing the good coins really are collectors - people that really want to put together a set of great coins, and ain't just buying something because their friend's brother's taxi drover told them it was a sure way to make money.

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