Now I don't collect comics, and the MAD magazines / war comics that I used to read voraciously when I was a kid were always treated pretty shabbily, but I still think that some of the characters are pretty cool. I'm not saying I want to go out and buy a Batman outfit and jump off the roof, but I do think the front window at the comic shop here in Fremantle is pretty cool.

Turns out that Marvel comics came up with a marvellous idea (you saw that coming didn't you) to promote an upcoming film - they stuck an image of the Silver Surfer to 40,000 quarters in the USA, and put them into circulation. Slight problem - that's not allowed under law, even in the USA. Does it surprise you then that it was THE FRANKLIN MINT that came up with the idea?!?! Really, they're back into coins in a big way!

A completed item search on eBay for them shows that the highest price for one of these suckers is a massive US$249, while others have made as "little" as US$90. There are a stack up on eBay right now if you can't live without adding one to your complete set of Silver Surfer memorabilia....

OK, I want to buy one.