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The Melbourne Centenary Florin is one of the most interesting coins in the entire Commonwealth coin series. It is rare in any condition, features an enigmatic reverse and an obverse unique on Australian coins, relates to a significant event in Australia’s post-Federation history and is linked with Victoria’s first department store.

One of my favourite articles on any numismatic items relates to this coin, it was published in the Australian Coin Review in July 1971. It covers much of the numismatic background to the Melbourne Centenary florin in good detail, and is well worth reading if you can get a copy.

The Victorian and Melbourne Centenary Celebrations commemorated a hundred years of European settlement at Victoria’s first two permanent outposts – Portland Bay in 1834 and Melbourne in 1835. Over 300 events and... read more

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Friday, May 12, 2017 - 12:51

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