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The 1923 half-penny is one of Australia’s rarest pre-decimal coins, produced in an era of economic growth and industrial turmoil. It has been highly sought after by collectors for many years, and has a somewhat mysterious background - the real story behind its rarity remained untold for decades. Numismatic investors recognise that it is extremely difficult to find in superior quality.

1923 Royal (Branch) Mint records indicate that 1,113,600 halfpennies were struck in Sydney, while none were struck in Melbourne at all. The story does not end here however; as later research by John Sharples, (Numismatic Curator of the Museum of Victoria) has proven that the coins struck in Sydney in 1923 were actually dated 1922. The elusive 1923 halfpenny was actually struck in Melbourne sometime between September and November 1923, with the number struck assumed to be around 20,000... read more

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