It’s not unusual for someone to find a small gold coin in an accumulation in Australia - nearly all of them are what are called sovereigns and half sovereigns.

These coins were used as money here right up until the Great Depression.

A sovereign is about the size of a 10¢ A half sovereign is the size of a 5¢.

Although this is a specialised field, it is possible for a non-collector to work out if a particular coin or coins are rare and valuable.

There are 10 different types of sovereign and 7 different types of half sovereign - with such a large and complex series as that, the only way to accurately value any Australian gold coin is to get access to specialised information, and get organised so you can use it.

Click on the video link above to see what we reckon is the best way to work out when and where your sovereign was made, and what design type it is. Once you're at that stage, you're all set to check your coin's details against an accurate list to see exactly what it's worth.

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